Like flowers that bloom with brightly colored petals and aromatic fragrance each of our students at New Choices and New Beginnings offers a unique beauty destined to be shown to the world. It is our delighted pleasure to take each ‘seedling’ ripe with the potential for beautiful gardens of achievement and water her with insight, mentor her with sunshine, and shower her with love until each woman is on the right path to become the rose, gardenia, magnolia or poppy she was born to be.
In this blog we will showcase our wonderful students and the amazing events and “goings on” of our organization. It is our hope that you not only learn more about us but become inspired and excited for all the possibilities for our ladies!
About the Author – this blog is primarily written by Jonelle Renno, program coordinator for New Beginnings. Jonelle came to the position in September after working as a law clerk for the past 8 1/2 years. She comes to New Choices with a diverse background in employment law, family law, psychology, case management and various training experiences. She has a passion for helping others discover their potential and achieve their dreams. In her free time, Jonelle can be found cooking, baking, training for her first sprint triathlon or spending time with her husband and snuggling her “furbabies.”