Spring Is In The Air And In Our Lives

Last week we celebrated another New Choices class graduation. The “Intervibal” class graduated after an eventful and inspiring two weeks of difficult and powerful work. In the midst of this period, we experienced a snowstorm that caused us to cancel a class. But just like a powerful storm that causes life to pause for a moment, so our class took the time to breathe, reflect, and contemplate.

Each class is unique and finds their power in their own way, at their own pace. This is a powerful thing to experience. Today is the first day of spring, and as we reflect on our latest class we can’t help but equate the changes our students go through with the change of the season. The harsh cold of winter, with its treacherous roads and howling winds, is like the difficulties of our past. We shut the door to the cold, burrowing down in our homes, hiding under our warm blankets, just willing the sun to shine again. Soon enough, however, the sun peeks out and the buds begin to pop open on the trees again. What was dark has become light again. What was hopeless is now hopeful. Spring brings expectation and anticipation. The weather doesn’t change overnight, but spring brings with it the knowledge that things are changing for the better.

During every class, there is the “magic” moment when something happens in the lives of our students that switches their thinking from hopeless winter to hopeful spring. And it’s not just in our students’ lives, but our own. Every time we see this happen, we are encouraged. We’re just like everyone else and can get bogged down by life, by the circumstances of our world and the dreariness of our surroundings. But being able to experience life with these ladies and see the hope bloom in their eyes, and listen to their words as they express new perspectives in life and dreams for their futures, makes it all worth it.

One of our students wrote a poem about her experience in class these past two weeks. May her words remain true to ALL women as they reach for the stars. CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES!




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