There comes a point in every person’s life where he or she must decide to step in or step out of life. One of the essential points we want to foster in New Choices is for our students to step into life. But in order for anyone to do that, a few things must happen. image1.JPG

First, in order to step into your life, you have to want it. No one else can choose for you to live your life; only you can make that decision. And when life has kicked you around, knocked you down, and left you someplace you never expected to be, no one else can save you—except you.

Second, in order to step into life, you must let go of what wasn’t—and even what was—in order to focus on what can be. To be blunt, life sucks sometimes. There are things that happen to us, through us, and by us that we often cannot control. We can either sit and focus on what happened and what is happening, or we can focus on what we want life to be. How can we change? What do we have control over? When we find the answers to those questions, we can begin to make progress. Progress brings motivation, and motivation is the key to sustainable change in our lives.

There comes a point in every person’s life where he or she must decide to step in or step out of life.

Finally, in order to step into your life you must be willing to work. If life were easy, where would all the adventure be? iflifewereeasy.jpg

We often complain about our circumstances and our mistakes, but they are all a part of the journey. And life is just that, a journey. There are ups and downs and twists and turns. Without those adventures, it would be boring. We need to find the excitement in our stories, the purpose in our pain. And we must realize that to continue on past those hurts, we need to work. Life doesn’t just happen. We don’t just get what we want because we want it. We must decide, set goals, and persevere. The great thing about all the hard work is that with New Choices, our students have a permanent cheerleading squad ready to shout, “YOU CAN DO IT!” exactly when they feel the opposite.

Not too long ago we played a song at a New Beginnings class that—regardless of your taste in music—can really be a great motivator. Take a listen and remember to step into life and make it the greatest adventure ever.

“The Greatest” by Sia


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