New Year, New Choice


Wow! How did it get to be 2017 already? Seems like the years fly by. When time goes by so quickly, it can sometimes be overwhelming to think of all the things we want to accomplish. And on the flip side, we’re struck by what we haven’t yet accomplished.

In 2017, can we make the New Year bring a New Choice? A new choice to be who we want to be. A new choice to do what we say we’re going to do. A new choice to see ourselves with love and grace. A new choice to live life fully and with gratitude.

Life is truly a journey. It has twists and turns, hills and valleys. And like the saying goes…“It’s not how we get there but how much we enjoy the ride.” It’s so much easier to see and believe the negative in life or about ourselves than it is to see and believe the positive. But how many of us are motivated by the negative? Do you stop doing a bad thing because you receive a punishment, or do you do the good thing because you receive a reward? Most of us would be motivated by receiving something good for something we did. Yet we hold ourselves to different standards, and when we don’t do something we punish ourselves.

We get stuck in the cycle of low self-esteem. We SHOULD have done this but we didn’t. We didn’t do it and now we feel bad about ourselves. We feel bad about ourselves so we isolate. Isolation keeps us thinking about how bad we are. Believing we’re bad makes us uneasy around other people, so we stay isolated and seek out a way to deal with our feelings – overeating, drugs, alcohol. And now we’re back to thinking about what we should have done.


Start with these steps:

  1. Acknowledge that we didn’t accomplish what we wanted in 2016.
  2. Write down what we want to accomplish in 2017.
  3. Prioritize what we want to accomplish.
  4. Develop SMART goals.
  5. Take the first step.
  6. Celebrate each step and KEEP GOING.



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