The Best Gift…


‘Tis the season…the season of gift giving. Whether we celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or Milad un Nabi, the holidays represent a time of exchanging gifts and celebrating with family.

It is very easy to get caught up in what gifts we are giving and what gifts we receive. The holidays have become materialistic. Commercial after commercial tells us what we NEED to buy right NOW or else the whole world will think we’re cheap! The dreaded evil of Facebook can show us the illusion of how great everyone else’s life is compared to our own. Suzy flashes her new Michael Kors bag. Tom talks about the new motorcycle he bought for himself. And everyone shows the huge pile of gifts they bought for their kids.

We see all of these images and begin to question how good of a parent, wife, husband, daughter, or son can we be if we’re not getting those things. On top of this guilt we may be feeling even worse because we blame ourselves for our situation. If we’re struggling financially because of drug addiction or we lost our job, we find no fault except with ourselves.

But the key to the holidays isn’t the gift. It’s the giving. And the giving comes from you!

The very best gift anyone can receive is the gift of YOU!bestgift

Spending your time and focus on those you love is something that cannot be bought, and no value can be placed on it. When you give yourself, you’re telling your loved ones just how much they mean to you. It seems paltry in comparison to presents sometimes, and maybe your kids won’t see the value right away. But they will eventually. When they grow up and feel like they fall short in their own gift giving, they’ll realize the sacrifice it may take for a small gift, and the blessing of time with you.




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